Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Give up!

The economy has hit me like a massive tornado; turning my life upside down. There are days I"m afraid, depressed and emotionally exhausted from worry but in those darkest times there's a slight glimmer of hope. I know this hope only comes from the creator of all living things. In the very moment I feel like Terah and just pitching my tent and staying right in this very place; I hear a faint whisper 'Hold on", "Don't give up".

Sometimes God speaks to us through past sermons, songs and kind words from others. Do you ever wonder why just out of the clear blue you start humming a song you might not have heard for a while but it gives you comfort or inspiration? I believe that's God. God hears our cries not just the ones we speak out loud but the quite, faint cries that only our father can hear. The cries that no one on the outside looking in has a clue about. He hears our heart, soul and spirit. Today, God placed this song on my heart~~

Youtube video: Fred Hammond "Song of Strength" 

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